More than 20 years of work, together with constant determination, have awarded us the experience needed to always propose customized solutions, in both the creativeness of the set-ups as well as the culinary creations, independently from the dimensions and the budget. Breathtaking scenic backgrounds, flawless service and excellent cuisine are the basic elements for a wedding celebration tailored to the desires of the newlyweds.



Starting from the freshest and highly recognizable ingredients which, on the basis of personal tastes, sites and seasons, exalt the flavors of the typically regional Italian cuisine, as also the gastronomic cultures of the world, and offer theme menus and dedicated isles. The focus of our cuisine in fact, is the choice of the excellent value of raw materials in their pureness and quality, adapted to the context and theme of the event. We wish to trigger memories and emotions thanks to a sampling.


We adapt the scenic setting to every location without any stylistic limits. On the basis of our knowledge of the site, we study the set-ups for the décor and accessories of the buffet and table, up to the minimum details, drawing from a richly furnished storeroom, fruit of continuous exploration, and also from an intense cooperation with the world of fashion and design. Food, moreover, becomes really part of the design not only to be admired but tasted, and the refined mise en place completes the set-up with really captivating effects.


We are used to a demanding and complex public, for which every event is planned and organized very carefully. Our team, composed of food managers, logistics staff, chefs and creative designers have the experience and professionalism to work with care and respect for the places that host us, and is coordinated to give support to the spouses, cuddling the guests and teaming up with the partner suppliers. The logistics staff takes care of making the work field comfortable while our chefs, trained in the kitchen alongside the Executive Chef, Marta Pulini, reproduce the recipes with diligence and passion.