In 2019 the company has decided to undertake with determination a structured path towards sustainability by activating a series of dedicated investments.

Bibendum's sensitivity towards this issue starts from far away but we are determined to implement more and more conscious behaviors.

Beautiful, tasty and sustainable is the formula that now characterizes our Food Experience.



The continuous research and development activity aimed at the desire for constant improvement of our sustainable offer led us in June 2020 to change our statute and company name becoming a Benefit Company.

The Benefit Societies are a movement of realities with a common goal: to be protagonists of a global change and regenerate society through business through a new legal instrument that creates a solid basis for the alignment of the mission in the long term and the creation of shared value.


In collaboration with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, Bibendum presented a research project to the Emilia Romagna Region.

The project has been approved by the Region and started in autumn 2020.

With the scientific support and the constant coaching by the University for all strategic decisions related to sustainable development and circular economy, Bibendum started its overall re-functionalization reaching the development of a concept of Circular Economy for Food Catering.


Together with the publication of the annual report 2020 we presented the first sustainability report of Bibendum Group Benefit company. 


The kitchen team takes advantage of periods of abundance of seasonal raw materials purchased from local farmers. The vegetables are processed so that they can be consumed out of season in another form but maintaining the full nutritional properties and their intense flavor, unique to the period of seasonality.

We spread the culture and the pleasure of food also through our installations.

The choice was to focus on the vegetables used as decoration of the gastronomic islands.

Once returned to the kitchen, they are processed by our chefs to create new recipes and reduce waste.