Bibendum is a Benefit Society and the first Circular Catering in Italy thanks to the project developed together with the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. Our goal is to have a lower environmental impact in all the steps of our work.

We buy our raw materials according to the canons of seasonality and km0, we select our suppliers by choosing those who share certain ethical principles with us, we produce recipes and menus with as little waste as possible, and we are "plant based oriented" that is, we limit the use of meat in favor of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Our sustainable commitment is tangible in our daily actions: one example is our circularity workshop, a constant activity within the kitchen to minimize waste by using almost all purchased products.

Even our set-ups are sustainable: we use ceramic, wood and wax supports and decorate with vegetables which return to the kitchen at the end of the event to be processed by our chefs who produce preserves, pickles, chips, broths.

We also work every day for social sustainability: the welfare of our workers is paramount. We offer them ongoing training and help them with skill development, and we collaborate with schools, universities and voluntary associations, always undertaking new cultural projects.

By relying on a caring supplier, your company too can contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.