Bibendum at home is a new formula for catering services and cocktail parties, which operates from a private home. This formula, intimate yet at the same time smart, makes you enjoy the wonders enclosed in many private gardens during the hot months, and the seductive atmospheres of holiday places or everyday areas that almost magically change their aspects in summer.

Bibendum@home is our new project dedicated to your summer parties. We prepare multisensory dining experiences,  tailored to fit your personal needs and desires directly in your home. The final result is a refined casualness, where comfort meets style and elegance according to a mood, blending the pleasure of conviviality with care for details: we bring tailored food and wine experiences into your home, we pay utmost care in offering a complete catering service (lunch, dinner, cocktail and party), indoor and outdoor furniture, tailor-made scenic designs, floral arrangements, waiting staff and bartenders We take care of musical and artistic entertainment.

The ability and creative flair of the executive chef, Marta Pulini, creativity and talent of the art director,  Sabrina Lazzereschi, and professionalism and  expertise of our food and location managers will be able to offer many different residential experiences: from lunch to dinner, cocktails to parties, supervised by chefs, bartenders and waiting staff, and delight from musical and/or artistic entertainment.

We will carefully study the style of houses and gardens, enhance them with furniture and  tailored scenic designs, and enrich them with floral arrangements, to make your events special and unforgettable.