Event venue

In our new headquarters we created Convivio, the preferred venue to hold both your private and  corporate dinners, conferences or cocktail parties.  But we also thought that Convivio could be the perfect place for encounters in the city, a location where our open-house events could be held, and where all could taste our recipes in a creative and multi-functional environment.


In our new headquarters in Modena, within the historic Alfieri Maserati district, we created Convivio, a space dedicated to the encounters and events of companies, associations and citizens.


Along with the Bibendum kitchen we offer a venue suitable for small events. For further information call us at +39059235771 or write us at convivio@bibendumgroup.it.

Convivio Events

Convivio is the ideal place where our creativity can give vent to unique and special events dedicated to you: theme dinners, conferences or cooking courses, and city meetings.