Banqueting & Catering

Find out our proposals 
that will make of your event an unforgettable experience.

We have been organizing events since 1998. Like in a tailor's shop, our brigade daily creates delicious recipes to make every event masterful and exclusive. We identify and examine every single need of our customers and create tailor-made menus, scenic service proposals and culinary performances making the most complex desisers come true. We love being challenged, starting from big international events to more intimate private dinners. We use our expertise to turn our customer's expectations into authentic food experiences.

Food Placè

Elegance, excellent food, attentive service and exclusive locations; This is what seated dinners means to us.

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Food Bonsai

Our "one bites" are expression of refined culinary art. 

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Scenic Buffets

Our buffets are not just tables upon which we serve our food. They are much more meaningful. 

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Food show

With our food shows, guests will be able to see the preparation of the food.

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The best barman at your disposal. 

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