Bibendum, food experience.

Nunc est bibendum
it is now time to drink

Oratio, Odi, I, 37, 1

Our name Bibendum is inspired by this exhortation of Oratio to have a toast, because this is what we want to do: we want to be at your side in celebrating your most important events and to give you and your guests an unforgettable food experience. Since more than 18 years we have been pursuing the highest quality, both in terms of food and experience reaching a passionate, sensorial and taylor-made cooking style. Our never-ending search for the best ingredients takes us to relize both traditional and international recipes which can be classical or contemporary but with a precise identity that aims to give our guests the pleasure of a homemade comfort food of the highest quality. Like real food-artists our chefs translate food and wine into their symbolical meaning.
Bibendum's mission is to spread the culture of good food and good wine in your events, being them private, corporate or institutional; we analyse your request and we give you customized proposals that are based on an attentive selection of food, wine, service and creativity.


bibendum food marta

Creative mind of Bibendum's kitchen, the chef Marta Pulini has studied at the most prestigious cooking schools and has become famous in the United States in the 90s as chef of Bice and of other important restaurants, being awarded in 1999 the title of "best female chef" by the guide Veronelli USA. Appreciateed for her efforts in spreading the Italian food culture abroad, she has organized events for many VIPs, among which Robert de Niro (who was mad about her tortellini), Steve Martin, Isabella Rossellini, Ralph Lauren, Gaetano Pesce, Brad Pitt, Hillary Clinton, Gwyneth Paltrow... Etic, territoriality, seasonality and respect for the producers make Marta's recipes unique paintings that testify her philoophy and passion.


bibendum experience sabrina

Partner of Marta in founding the company Bibendum, Sabrina is the artist of the group; it is thank to her that the style of our set-ups is higly appreciated and unmistakable. With a degree in pedagogy, Sabrina can flawlessly interpret every need of the customers, translating the food into a visual emotion. By adapting the service and the look of the food to the stylistic requirements of the customers as if she were tailoring a dress, Sabrina gives a new, captivating appeal to all those details that are usually considered as simple accessories. 


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As a big family, our team puts all its energy and passion in facing all the new challenges that come to us. Inside the company, we all have our own function and expertise area, but we are always questioning our work and debating on a daily basis to find the best answer to our customer's need. This willingness to improve every day makes us accept all the challenges that we receive.